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Lewisham High St.

Heritage Trail

Research and notes by Julian Watson

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St.Mary the Virgin, Lewisham Lewisham High Street  SE13 6LE

St.Mary the Virgin Lewisham

346 Lewisham High Street

SE13 6LE   020 8690 2682


The How Family

Ephraim How and his son John moved from Chingford in 1709 They set up a successful and productive cutlery factory. They standardised their designs, employed a large workforce and harnessed local water power, They.owned a mill in the hamlet of Southend in the South of the parish of Lewisham where the Homebase pond is now.

They sold from their shop on Saffron Hill near Clerkenwell in London. Ephraim How became master of the Worshipful Company of Cutlers in 1706

This set of knife and fork made of ivory, silver and steel are made in Britain in ca. 1698. The ivory handles are decorated in stained red and green ivory with piqué work of floral and arabesque designs. The blade is inscribed with the name of Ricard Rider, which is almost certainly the name of the owner. The cutler's mark of a dagger is probably that of Ephraim How.

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