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Heritage Trail

Research and notes by Julian Watson

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Ground floor


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The present church was built 1774 - 1777 to the design of George Gibson on the site of earlier churches. Gibson's design incorporated the tower (1471-1512) of the medieval church.

The chancel, designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield, was added in 1881 when the nave was re-modelled in Victorian style. Major re-ordering took place from 1995.


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St.Mary the Virgin, Lewisham Lewisham High Street  SE13 6LE

St.Mary the Virgin Lewisham

346 Lewisham High Street

SE13 6LE   020 8690 2682

The 1881 Restoration

The development of Lewisham from a large eighteenth century village to a London suburb was one of the factors in deciding to enlarge and alter the building. The nave was completely re-ordered and a large chancel, designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield, was added. George Parker of the adjoining Lewisham House paid for the nave, and the Earl of Dartmouth for the chancel. The great Victorian civil engineer Sir John Aird commissioned some of the mosaics in the chancel. The photograph shows the restored chancel after World War II. The stained glass windows by A.L.Wilkinson were installed between 1952 and 1954.

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