St.Mary the Virgin, Lewisham Lewisham High Street  SE13 6LE

St.Mary the Virgin Lewisham

346 Lewisham High Street

SE13 6LE   020 8690 2682

St.Mary’s Lewisham CE Primary School

The School Vision      

To be a learning community that promotes the unique gifts, well being and potential of every person. Our work is founded on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, building on His message of equality, peace and justice, guided by His words,

“As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

(John 13:34)

 Mission Statement

St Mary’s school serves our community by providing the highest quality of education and experiences so everyone can achieve their full potential. Faith is at the heart of our life together which celebrates our diversity. Christian values unite and guide our relationships based on respect, responsibility and forgiveness.

All children and adults in the school are valued and treated with respect. Our school values provide an ethical vocabulary which enables children to make sense of their lives and build the resilience they need to be successful. The values also provide a firm foundation upon which we build our ethos. They guide us in our responses to each other and in our decision making. All children and adults are proud of their school and fully identify with our school community. St Mary’s is an Anglican school with strong links with our parish church. Children of all faiths or none are equally respected. Our families, staff and governors identify with both school and church as one community, following the life of Jesus Christ and using our values to become more Christ-like.

There are high expectations of all children and a climate of achievement and success. Children are continually assessed so that their next steps can be planned. They become highly literate and numerate so that they can fully access future learning opportunities.

Learning is exciting for the children. They make decisions and are creative. Children feel able to take risks and enjoy learning from their mistakes. The curriculum motivates children to become lifelong learners. Children have time to think and reflect as they progress as learners and grow as individuals. Our children enjoy learning outside of the classroom and in a range of environments. They visit a wide range of places and engage with people from different communities to further enrich their learning. There is an exciting array of after-school clubs to provide additional learning experiences for our children. We provide our children with a high quality environment which promotes learning. Our children also fully recognize a range of information technology, creating their own products and programmes.

Children are listened to at St Mary’s. Adults are alert to signs of vulnerability and work in conjunction with families and other agencies to secure the best possible outcome for each child. The needs of children experiencing difficulties with their learning or behaviour are addressed at the earliest point in time. There are effective systems for identifying these needs and monitoring the effectiveness of provision made.

Love Peace Forgiveness Responsibility Faith

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Registered Charity

Number 1182343