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Celebrate Advent with the Sisters of St Andrew!

Dear friends,

“Await the Lord with Hope, await the Lord with Joy!”

This 30th November, the Feast of Saint Andrew, we’d like to take a moment to greet you all and to send you our warmest wishes! We hope that you are well, and we’d like to extend our greetings also to your friends, families, loved ones, and all those you hold dear.

As we enter this season of Advent together, we would like very much to be able to share with you the hope and joy of God’s presence in our lives! While we wait for that to be possible again in person, we’d like to share something in a different way, by inviting you to discover our online Advent Calendar

Every day of Advent, you'll be able to visit the Calendar on our website and open a new window. Every day, one of our friends or one of us will have prepared a surprise for the day, for us all to discover!

We hope you enjoy it!

While we’re here, we’d like to let you know that our Monthly Wednesday Evening Prayer will continue, online, in November and December.

The Quiet Evening will also happen, in an adjusted form, online, on 9th December.

With very best wishes from all of us,

The sisters of St Andrew Sigrun, Beatrice, Regula, Christiane, Marie-Christine and Fiona

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