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Easter Greetings from St Peter's Ghent.

Dear Father Steve

Thank you so much for your wishes ! In return, and despite the persisting distance, I wish you, since our baptism your family a very happy and peacefull Easter. May the risen Lord be with you and your parish. May his Spirit be in you all to give a testimony of Death, conquered by Life, a testimony of Life that opens the horizon towards and makes us walk in hope, the anchor of our spirit.

We continue to feel united, and yet the more longing for a mutual ‘see you again’ .

In Ghent there is one livestream celebration from Drongen with changing priests who lead the Holy Mass. Our new bishop celebrated this time the Easter Vigil in our Church OLVrouw Sint-Pieters , the first time with a bishop, because due to a covid contamination of one of the staff members of the Cathedral, it is now closed for 10 days. It was a beautiful and touching alternative with 8 Easter candles surrounding the altar and with 8 persons as representatives of their community in our parish in Ghent-Center (amongst them René-Luc !).

With our attention, kindness and wishes of hope, we feel near . Once again: Blessed Easter for all of you.

Fr. Jürgen

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