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St Mary’s Lewisham Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) 2020

Dear friends at St Mary’s,

Our APCM was planned for April this year and was cancelled due to the Covid lockdown.

The Annual Report and accounts were all completed and copies produced.

We had planned to have the APCM this Sunday 18th October after mass.

In the light of today’s news that all of London moves to Tier 2 Covid restrictions, the APCM is not now permitted as a separate meeting after mass.

Instead we will incorporate a brief Annual Meeting within the mass, with copies of the Annual Report and accounts available. We cannot receive questions in the mass on Sunday, but will of course be happy to take any questions and points separately and respond publicly.

We will also consider nominations for Churchwarden, Church Council and East Lewisham Deanery Synod reps. Nominations have been received over the past 3 weeks and will be accepted until this Saturday 17th October.

The new Tier 2 rules prevent mixing of households except for an act of worship.

We hope to receive and accept by acclaim on Sunday those nominated for these positions.

Any places not filled can receive further nominations in the coming weeks.

The Church Council (PCC) can then consider such nominations and coopt people to fill any vacancies for the year ahead. These can be reviewed at the APCM in 2021.

These are extraordinary times and we have agreed this plan with our archdeacon.

Join us on Sunday, in church or online.

And pray for those who help to lead our church life at St Mary’s.

Fr Steve and St Mary’s Churchwardens  

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