St Mary’s remains open for worship

Christmas 2021: After prayer and careful consideration of the latest Covid guidance from the NHS and government, St Mary’s remains open for all Christmas worship and into the new year. 

The existing precautions still apply; masks must be worn; hand-sanitising; social distancing; ventilation of the building; singing is permitted, with masks on; we will not yet offer refreshments after services.

All services will continue to be livestreamed on our website and facebook page for those who need to stay at home.

We continue to encourage EVERYONE to receive their vaccinations and booster jabs. This is the right thing to do, to protect yourself and to protect others. If you are uncertain about this, please speak to your GP, check the NHS website or speak to clergy at church. Please do NOT believe the many mad theories online.

We give thanks that God has held us together through the past two years and that the NHS and so many others have cared for our community and given us hope in the vaccinations. We remain cautious, but full of hope for Christmas and beyond.

Fr Steve, Fr Max, Wardens and Church Council 



Dear friends,

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Every blessing, Fr Steve, Churchwardens and St Mary’s Church Council