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Project Appeal

St.Mary's the historical heart of Lewisham since 918 AD

Caring for its people throughout the centuries.

A centre for worship.

A centre for schools to visit.

A centre for historical interest.

A centre for music and the arts.

A centre for those of any faith or none in need of care.

We need your help


Rain damage caused by the decay of the original 19th Century roof tiles has affected various areas of the fabric of the church. Several organisations are now unable to use St.Mary's as their hub. The chancel area is made unsafe when rainwater falls onto the interior floor. With your help Services, events  organisations and our outreach will be able to continue safely in their work at St.Mary's. Alchoholics Anonomous, The Lewisham NHS Trust Bereavement Services, Art exhibitions, School Visits, The Sonnet Orchestra & Quintet, The Stress Management Team, The Southwark & Lewisham Adult Mental Health Team. Open Heritage Days.

With the help of grants and donations we have raised £150,000

Our target is £250,000

Use our 'Donate' button or scan the QR code to give your support - Thank you

You can download a 'Gift aid' form here - 

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