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An Ascent of the Tower

The Tower & Bells


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Plans to build the tower were drawn up. The originator of the plan seems to have been one William Sprigg, who in 1471 desired that his money was "disposed toward the building of the bell tower in the churchyard of Lewesham." Money from wills and bequests followed over the next 14 years.


The tower was completed following a bequest from William Batt to making the "vice," or stairway.


John Francis left £3-6-8 to buy a bell.


Record of 4 bells.


A bell was cast or recast.


A new ring of 8 bells was cast by Lester & Pack at Whitechapel.


Rebuilding started on the church and tower by George Gibson, Junior, architect.


Rebuilding was completed and the first Sunday of its opening was 7 Sept 1777. On the second Sunday since the reopening of the new church, part of the east side collapsed, hurting just one lady parishioner. The whole ring was remodeled into a heavier one with the addition of a new tenor.


A clock was supplied by Moore of Clerkenwell with two 5 ft dials.


Treble and 3rd recast by Thomas Mears.


The 4th was recast by John Warner & Sons.


The Vestry noted that "the bell" required rehanging, although it is not clear which bell, or whether it referred to all of them.


Two peal boards were dedicated on 19 Mar 1892 commemorating the consecration of Dr Legge as Bishop of Lichfield, and the other of the induction of Rev. Samuel Bickersteth as his successor as Vicar of Lewisham.


The bells had fallen into a poor state of repair. An appeal was launched to restore the bells and augment them to 10, as well as add an additional clock face to the tower. Money was raised for the restoration, but the plan to augment the bells never went ahead.


All the bells were rehung in a new frame on one level, which was an improvement on the earlier frame which had been of oak and laid the bells out on two levels.


The 2nd had become cracked and was recast by John Taylor.


The bells were rehung on ball bearings by Mears & Stainbank.


The tower roof was repaired.


Hear the bells being rung on 11th November  2018

Quarter Peals

2019-08-03  Bristol Surprise Major

2019-03-17  Stedman Triples

2018-11-24  St Simons Bob Triples

2018-11-18  Plain Bob Doubles

2018-06-17  Plain Bob Doubles

2018-05-13  Grandsire Triples

2018-03-04  Grandsire Doubles

2017-05-06  Plain Bob Doubles

2016-07-03  London Surprise Minor

2016-06-19  Plain Bob Doubles

2016-06-05  Plain Bob Doubles

2016-05-01  Bristol Surprise Major

2016-02-07  Lincolnshire Surprise Major

2015-11-01  Yorkshire Surprise Major

2015-07-30  Grandsire Triples

2015-07-05  Plain Bob Doubles

2015-03-01  Plain Bob Doubles

2015-01-04  Grandsire Triples

2014-07-06  Grandsire Triples

2013-08-28  Bristol Surprise Major

2013-06-16  Stedman Triples

2013-03-03  Grandsire Triples

2012-04-08  Superlative Surprise Major

2012-03-04  Yorkshire Surprise Major

2012-02-05  Cambridge Surprise Major

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