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Post-Covid19 opening of St Mary’s for Public Worship 2020

We are open for Parish Mass on Sunday at 10am and will continue to livestream Sunday services through our website and parish Facebook for those who wish or need to remain safe at home. This way we will continue to pray and be together as God’s family at St Mary’s.

There will be many changes to our worship and to the process of arriving, seating and receiving communion. In broad terms these include:

  • Arrival: you will be welcomed on the steps outside the church and the procedures will be explained.  We are asked where possible to keep a record of worshippers each Sunday.   You are welcome to wear a facemask, although this is not compulsory.  Everyone will use hand sanitiser on entering the church and be guided to keep a two-metre distance where possible. You may light a candle after entering the church, following the usual instructions.

  • Seating: you will be invited to sit where marked, keeping the appropriate distance. Those in the same household should all sit together. We have worked out a maximum number of approx. 40 in congregation plus clergy, stewards etc. We can use additional seating, but we know many may prefer to stay at home for now and follow the livestreaming of the service.  You are asked not to have conversations with friends inside the church – please save this for outside, before or after mass.

  • Communion: please remain in your seats until invited to receive communion. You will be invited in turn to come forward, queue with the appropriate distance, receive communion or a blessing then return to your seats. Our wardens and stewards will guide you at all times through this.

After mass there are no refreshments and after a time of private prayer everyone is encouraged to leave the building. You can speak with clergy and with friends outside after the service.

We look forward to welcoming you back to St Mary’s when you are ready to join us and we give thanks that God has blessed us and held us together as his family through this difficult time.

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