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Press Release

Updated: Aug 23

With an award from the National Churches Trust of £40,000, including a grant from the Wolfson Foundation, we can announce plans to begin in the autumn the next phase of major building repairs to our beautiful and historic church, costing around £250,000.

This is a result of more than two years hard work, with support from The Leathersellers Company, The Morden Trust, The Number One Trust, Marshall’s Charity and now the National Churches Trust, alongside our own fundraising and the support of the wider community and the Borough of Lewisham.

This follows the successful completion in 2016 of an initial repair project which cost £485,000.

St Mary’s continues to serve this wonderful, diverse and dynamic community in central Lewisham, celebrating all that’s good in Lewisham and caring for the poorest, the most vulnerable and those in need.

Full Press Release https://www.lewishamparish.com/_files/ugd/46c464_541894fe7c134e5db94e0e47fa037be9.pdf

National Churches Trust https://www.nationalchurchestrust.org/news/helping-churches-stay-open-and-good-repair

Previous Repairs

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